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Why car Brakes need to be Replaced



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At Tega Cay Wash & Lube we are dedicated to servicing your brakes with certified mechanics with quality and precision. You may ask yourself how often do you change your brakes, there is no need to search brake places near me, around me, close to me or nearby me any longer. Our certified auto mechanics and technicians in our Tega Cay Wash & Lube auto care location will give you a free brake inspection and educate you on if your brakes need replaced or need a brake flush.

Our car brake service:

    • Inspect Disc Pads & Rotors or Shoes & Drums
    • Remove and install worn Pads & Rotors or Shoes & Drums

Your car’s brakes can work hard and they can break and be expensive to fix. The  job they do is important to your safety if they break. That is why it’s so critical for you to notice how your automotive brakes function, and to be aware for signs that your vehicles brakes need replaced before they break and leave you stranded. Here you’ll find the best source for a review of the braking systems, and pointers to help you know when it’s time for your car’s brake service. No matter what your brake system needs, Pennzoil-Tega Cay Wash and Lube is here to help make sure all your auto care needs and your brakes are functioning to keep them from breaking.

About Automotive Brakes

Today’s automotive braking systems are composed of a number of integral parts all working together to ensure that your vehicle stops properly without breaking. By pressingTega Cay wash and lube-brakes-pads-rotors-replacement-near-me--Fort Mill 2 the vehicle’s brake pedal, the master cylinder will give pressure to the brake fluid, which releases hydraulic force through cars brake lines that operate your car’s automotive brake shoes (or pads)(See Video). These car shoes (or pads) then make a connection with turning drums (or rotors), stopping or slowing down the vehicle. Some systems activate sensors to the vehicle’s braking system.

The brake parts that construct your cars brake system can wear down and will eventually need replacing. The majority of automotive brake repair completed is the replacement of brake shoes (or pads) before they break. Most brakes are made of semi-metallic, ceramic or organic materials, automotive brake pads wear each time you press the vehicle’s brake pedal. If the brake pads wear too much without being replaced, the metal caliper for the pads can make contact with the drums (or rotors), which may present a safety issue but a unfortunate situation where the drums/rotors need replacement as a result of the duration of time the metal parts went without the pad or shoes.

Time For Brake Service?

There are many warning signs your vehicle can produce you before your automotive brakes could reach the time of  failure or extensive repair. Merely using sense of sight, hearing and touch could give you a warning of a potential problem before they break. Some questions you should consider concerning your car’s brake system:Brakes-replacement-repair-rotor-pads-Tega-Cay-wash-&-Lube-south-carolina-near me-Fort-mill-lake-wylie (3)

  • Is the brake light coming on when you are driving?
  • Is the brake fluid low? Is it dirty?
  • Is there a squealing sound or a grinding sound  when pressing the vehicle’s brake pedal?
  • Is there some sponginess or a pulsation in the car’s brake pedal when it is pressed?
  • Is your vehicle steering or pulling to one side when braking?


Complete Auto Care Suggestions

Technicians at Pennzoil-Tega Cay Wash and Lube near Fort Mill & Lake Wylie are trained on today’s complex automotive brake systems. We can inspect your car’s braking system to make sure it’s working properly or to identify a brake problem, give suggestions and an estimate for repair before they break.

From automotive brake pad replacement to servicing rotors Tega Cay Wash and Lube located near Fort Mill South Carolina provides a full vehicle braking pad replacement service for your car.

Additionally, we can perform routine automotive brake maintenance as suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Whatever your vehicle’s brake system needs, we can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition. Trust Tega Cay Wash and Lube  located in the Fort Mill-area for your vehicle’s brake service maintenance and repairs.

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Our Brake Repair Service is done fast & with quality.

Pennzoil – Tega Cay Wash & Lube brake shop near Fort Mill & Lake Wylie, South Carolina takes satisfaction in our brake service. Our express brake service will have you completely satisfied. Call now and save on monthly discounts and coupons. We’re BBB accredited with an A+ rating and 5 star rating with the Better Business Bureau. There is no need to search brake place near me, around me, close to me or nearby me any longer. We are located near South Charlotte, Ballantyne, Indian land, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, Rock Hill, Lancaster and Steel Creek areas.

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